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Igniting Strategies for Growth and Business Excellence for Companies Inspired to Become Exceptional

Lorri Kelley is a trusted, accomplished and experienced corporate executive with a 25+ year track record for increasing sales and market share in the Home Furnishings Industry.

Through the comprehensive development of dynamic growth strategies to ensure profitable and sustainable revenue generation, Lorri is passionate about creating, leading and executing a vision and plan for excellence and success that everyone within the organization can be proud of and enjoy participating in.  

Consultation, guidance and comprehensive programs for success in: 

Igniting Growth

Execute Successfully Within The Channel for Growth in Home Furnishings

Creating Leaders

Create the Competence to Lead By Providing Opportunities for Professional Development

Build the Brand

Position the Brand for Maximum Visibility and Revenue Generation


Meet Lorri: Growth Strategist, Executive Coach, Team Builder, Mentor 

With over 25 years in Executive Positions with some of the industry’s most exceptional companies, Lorri has extensive experience in:

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Product Development 

  • Furniture Manufacturing

  • Customer Service 

  • Finance and Operations

  • Performance Management and Training

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Clients & Partners

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"We've found Lorri brought the best value in preparing for and facilitating our annual strategic planning retreats. I highly recommend her for leading and facilitating annual planning sessions and special projects."

Mike Horowitz,

CEO of SEI Furniture

Resources from Lorri:
Be Better at What You Do

Keep up with all that Lorri is doing and the projects that she is working on here by accessing her blog.  

Get in Touch with Lorri

Start your journey towards business excellence and connect with her now! 

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